Growing and Pivoting

    One or the other, or both?

    The global economy is unforgiving. Many people say that the only road to success is through failure. There is some truth in this statement, however; the reality is, failure is expensive. Many have failed already, so there is an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

    Growth does not last forever without tweaks, adjustments and sometimes pivots. A business model, just like a technology platform, is never “finished”, it needs to keep up with the market, or risk becoming redundant.

    When there’s a disruptive event in the economy, there is the opportunity—pivot to leverage current market conditions and continue organisation growth.

    There are all forms of growth and pivoting strategies. The real question is, what growth and pivoting strategies should we implement and when is the right timing?

    Identifying a creative and successful pivoting strategy could mean that potential growth is significant over the next ten-year period. The fundamentals of pivoting and growth are the creation of value. Without creating value, implementing a pivot is merely a waste of resources.