Ryan Babbage

    Chief Executive Officer
    "I’m no prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls."

    Ryan is a renowned leader in Global Strategy and Market Positioning. He is one of the most experienced at identifying the right markets for products and services and is fluid with the translation of growth for businesses in emerging markets.

    Our Team Makes Strategy Hubb

    The team at Strategy Hubb is one of the biggest differentiators we have against our competition. Each and every team member brings many years of expertise in their own respective areas, being subject matter experts in specific aspects of business. Strategy Hubb’s tight-knit team works alongside our clients to yields a much more desirable result in a typically shorter timeframe as we think differently, are agile and dynamic.

    Due to our internal organisation structure, all our teams work collaboratively across client initiatives in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Clients no longer have to deal with hand-offs / jumping across different teams and departments, resulting in increased productivity. Strategy Hubb is a firm believer that all initiatives big or small should flow smoothly from inception until completion.

    Executive Team

    Ryan Babbage

    Chief Executive Officer
    Melbourne & Singapore

    Ryan is a renowned leader in Global Strategy and Market Positioning. He is one of the m…

    Joe Wu

    Chief Technology Officer
    Melbourne & Taiwan

    With 12+ years of experience in the IT and technology industry and a software developme…

    Lachlan Mee

    Director of Blockchain Innovations

    Lachlan is a qualified blockchain strategist with a unique ability to assess and extrap…

    Ash Kalra

    M&A Advisor
    Dubai, UAE

    Ash has over 15 years of experience consulting in payments, banking, valuations and inv…