Digital transformation
    in the property
    industry that involves a
    technological and
    mentality change.

    The amount of opportunities in PropTech has been increasing steadily, in tandem with the growth in the venture capital funding that is flowing into this exciting new area of the real-estate industry.

    There are already several unicorns in PropTech, with CompassHomelink and SMS Assist being the inception of the billion dollar status in the industry. PropTech and ConTech (Construction Technology) also closely overlap in some areas, with synergies to be found and applied into Capital and Infrastructure Projects.

    PropTech and Innovation

    The Impacts

    The reshaping has begun.

    The opportunity to execute alignment strategies is now. As PropTech begins to reshape the global $220 trillion real-estate market, there is scope and opportunity to be found in any geography. Whether you are an investment firm looking for qualified opportunities or an organisation seeking strategic partnership, we are here to connect the dots in order to help you reach your desired outcome, together.

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    Consumer behaviour has changed. No one walks into an estate agent's office to start their search for a property anymore.
    Rob Ellice
    CEO, easyProperty
    Tech needs to be an enabler to answer a question that people actually have.
    Jan-Hein Lakeman
    EDGE Technologies