The market that
    has grown with the
    big commercial sectors
    worldwide, continues.

    Consumers are now spoilt by choice when shopping for gadgets and devices. There is a plethora of choice for every kind of gadget that promises to deliver on convenience, gratification and functionality.

    This results in a lot of noise, and consumers find themselves confused. Too much choice can be detrimental to making the right decision. How can organisations gain the appropriate insight and understand the difficulties that consumers are facing, in order to address them?

    The Problem and the Solution

    Delivering Value

    Tricky balance between unique v.s. affordable.

    The winning formula is undisputedly delivering unique functionality (that solves a pressing problem) in an affordable way. What sweeps under the radar most of the time is in fact, that you may only need to exhibit half the winning formula in order to win. We help clients navigate through tricky terrain, reaching their ideal target audience.

    Acquisition of Postmates by Uber for $2.65 Billion

    Percentage of total deliver sales made by each food delivery company in May 2020.

    (Data Compiled from various sources.)

    Demand Growth for Meditation and Yoga Apps During Lockdown

    (Data Compiled from various sources.)

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    Snacking is not planned, it's impulse driven, it's about moments in your day. But it's still predictable. We've been working around what triggers we can identify that become long term trends.
    James Turner
    Black Swan
    Location is going to become the new third-party cookie. It's going to become the way we identify someone's interests, their drives.
    David Morris
    EMEA, Tealium