The most important
    step for any start-up
    is to scale and
    make an impact.

    Venture capital is a pivotal step in the success of any start-up or business wanting to scale. Even though there is inherently more risk in venture capital due to its early nature in the life of the target business or organisation, there is no shortage of funds provided the right opportunity is presented.

    Proportionate to the risks, there’s also potential for returns to be multiplied manyfold. This is why it is critical for Venture Capitalists to be able to access the right-fit opportunities, and equally important, businesses and organisations to connect to investors that are aligned to their goals and values, beyond providing capital.

    The Importance of Right-Fit

    Venture Capital - More Than Money

    There are other things to consider, on top of the capital.

    An alignment between a V.C. firm and a target start-up / business / organisation is so much more than just the exchange and investment of capital. Whilst the deal-flow may be centred around money, there’s most certainly more to the equation. At Strategy Hubb we help both V.C.s and businesses identify the the best-fit opportunity alignment to ensure an optimal and desirable outcome is achieved.

    Global Augmented and Virtual Reality Forecast by Segment

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    Internet Startups Win Most VC Funding

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    Hedgefunds, private equity and venture capital funds have played an important role in providing liquidity in our financial system and improving the efficiency of capital markets. But as their role has grown, so have the risks they pose.
    Jack Reed
    We need to divorce ourselves from venture capital as an occupation and focus on using capital as a way to take really big bets on things that just seem totally audacious.
    Chamath Paihapitiya