We help businesses and organisations navigate, grow and expand into off-shore markets.

    Built on the foundation of successful experience and strong links into some of the most important markets in Asia and Middle-East, Strategy Hubb helps clients every step of the way in their journey to reach their desired outcome. Whether it is business strategy, international business, open market access or investment, our unique methods, insights and perspectives play a pivotal role in organisations we help.

    Three Things About Us

    Data Backed Insights
    We draw our insights from data by analysing
    and measuring what is in context and relevant.
    Our science is backed by the data we analyse.
    Adaptive Strategy
    Every problem has a solution if
    you are given enough perspective.
    Our bread and butter is to think differently.
    Connecting the Dots
    Many organisations have an over-supply
    of resources, but under-utilise them.
    Our strength is in our ability to connect the dots.

    Our Methodology

    • Step One
    • Step Two
    • Step Three
    • Step Four
    • Step Five
    • Step Six

    The Assessment

    All opportunities that come through Strategy Hubb will need to go through our rigorous assessment process. The objectives of the assessment is to ensure that the opportunity and Strategy Hubb are the right-fit for each other.

    The Evaluation

    In order to move forward, we need to evaluate the opportunity diligently to ensure that our understanding of the ins and outs of the opportunity satisfy our internal requirements. This may require a few questions and requests back and forth in order for us to obtain a full picture and the right information.

    The Proofing

    This is where we show you the value of Strategy Hubb. In this step, we engage and go through an intensive process to research, analyse and consolidate everything about the opportunity, the strategic direction we recommend taking, and how we came to the resulting conclusion.

    The Implementation

    Having a strategy is useless unless it is being implemented and utilised. We work alongside you to implement what we came up with, whether it is market entry, capital raising, pivoting or any combination of the above and more.

    The Refinements

    Although ideal, it is hard to get everything right on the first go. Refinements are almost always needed, as we are required to be nimble and navigate around ever-changing markets and the dynamic global economy.

    The Reassessment

    Having the best business model or strategy today, does not mean that success is guaranteed in the future. Continuous reassessment and refinements will ensure that any important adjustments are identified in a timely manner and dealt with accordingly, ahead of time.

    Channels & Partners

    Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long run.
    Seth Godin
    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
    Sun Tzu
    vision without a strategy remains an illusion.
    Lee Bolman

    Our people

    Ryan Babbage

    Chief Executive Officer
    Melbourne & Singapore

    Ryan is a renowned leader in Global Strategy and Market Positioning. He is one of the m…

    Joe Wu

    Chief Technology Officer
    Melbourne & Taiwan

    With 12+ years of experience in the IT and technology industry and a software developme…

    Lachlan Mee

    Director of Blockchain Innovations

    Lachlan is a qualified blockchain strategist with a unique ability to assess and extrap…

    Ash Kalra

    M&A Advisor
    Dubai, UAE

    Ash has over 15 years of experience consulting in payments, banking, valuations and inv…