Food technology
    will play a big part
    in our everyday lives
    as population grows.

    Food is an essential item that affects the global population. Functional foods, nutraceuticals, medical foods, food traceability and specialised vegetable proteins / synthetic meat can all be classified as FoodTech and the future of food.

    Regulatory restrictions and a lack of cultural understanding in some markets and environments pose barriers to some great food technology companies in exploring and succeeding in the said geographical locations. Cultural habits and how food is perceived and utilised will dictate what will ultimately work in each given market.

    Market Knowledge

    Importance of the Right Market

    How cultural habits can play a big part.

    Every country and environment has different preferences, cuisines and cultural celebrations. Understanding of the above is pivotal in being able to effectively target the right areas of the food industry and chain. We aim to work along-side organisations in helping them understand the needs and preferences of Asia-Pacific and Middle-Eastern environments, as well as applying our in-depth knowledge of these markets into formulating an effective strategy for the given environment.

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    Civilisation depends on our expanding ability to produce food efficiently, which has markedly accelerated thanks to science and technology.
    Nina Fedoroff
    Technology is, of course, a double edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us.
    Jason Silva