If your company is ready to make a mark in the Korean market, this workshop is for you. Join Strategy Hubb (presented by Ryan Babbage & Lachlan Mee) on a seven-day intensive workshop in the second-largest city in South Korea (Busan).

    This workshop is set in an exclusive 5-star resort with the facilities and business tools to make for an exciting, informative, and up-to-date take on the global market events with an essential focus on South Korea.

    We will explain why it is a perfect environment to accelerate business ventures, partnership relationships, intellectual property, investment relationships and collaborations.

    Whether you endeavour to partner with local enterprises, further R&D initiatives, divert supply chains or seek an alternative market to sell your commodities, finished goods or services, Strategy Hubb are expert at open market strategy.

    Scheduled: 12th - 18th June, 2023

    Due to the nature and time dedicated to each founder or business leader, our professionals have sought to keep the engagement for a select few—a maximum of 30 business participants.

    Workshop Overview

    What decision-makers can expect from this workshop is five days of sound, structured advice on how to break into the Korean market without making significant mistakes. The remaining two days are dedicated to exploring a small amount of the environment with Ryan, Lachlan and our local staff.

    Korea Macro Understanding (The Country)
    Korea Micro Understanding (The People)
    Transformation Considerations and Technological Opportunities
    Understanding and Leveraging the Korean Macro Business Ecosystem
    Framing Commencement of your Korean Business Journey
    Imagining Business on the Ground in Korea and Discussions, Feedback.

    Why This Workshop is Different

    Many western companies have seen investor funds diminish, and their strategies fail in Korea due to varying factors. However, founders, C-Suite Executives, Business Directors, or Upper Management can avoid these pitfalls by following the sound guidance provided by Ryan & Lachlan. We introduce a new way of thinking and alternative strategies for businesses to combat the current economic web of complexity. We are presenting a highly informative and structured approach to breaking into the Korean environment with precision. We help avoid costly mistakes while arming businesses with the skills learned over two decades, providing the sound guidance needed to enter new environments through this workshop deliviery.

    Korean Exports 2020 – oec.world

    A Sneak Peek

    Day one sets the scene for Koreas’ drive, pace, and economic appetite to succeed. Understanding this drive is pivotal to being one with the Korean people and their economic aspirations.

    How Korea Became an Economic Power
    How Korea Leads to Establish its Aspirations
    Thriving Sectors and Technologies in Korea

    Brief History of Korea

    Only several decades ago, Korea was a war-torn nation amid poverty and economic turmoil. The country had been devastated by the Korean War, with entire cities and infrastructure destroyed. With few resources, most people lived in extreme poverty and lacked access to primary education and healthcare services. The country’s transformation began in the late 1960s under the leadership of President Park Chung Hee. Realising that rapid economic growth was essential for recovery, Park aggressively pursued industrial development policies to attract foreign direct investment and build strategic infrastructure projects. This period became known as the “Miracle on Han River,” named after the river that flows through South Korea’s capital city, Seoul.

    The Park Government implemented robust export promotion strategies encouraging local companies to produce high-quality goods for international markets. They also introduced subsidies to stimulate technology exports, including semiconductors, electronics, chemicals, and ships. Such export-oriented strategies allowed South Korean companies to scale up their production capabilities while increasing efficiency rapidly. South Korea also invested heavily in education and human capital development initiatives during this period. High emphasis was placed on teaching English language skills so local businesses could better participate in global trade partnerships and improve access to advanced technologies from abroad.

    GDP of South Korea (2021) in trillion KRW – Statistica

    Structural reforms such as the deregulation of the finance sector and the construction of modern infrastructure developments (like ICT networks that connected whole regions) combined further to increase foreign investment opportunities in South Korea over time. Simultaneously, the government introduced market reforms that allowed for more economic competition by reducing barriers to entrepreneurial activities such as starting new businesses or expanding existing ones into global markets. It also gave citizens more freedom regarding ownership rights over their assets and allowed them to convert currencies across borders freely. Korea ultimately transformed itself from one of the world’s poorest countries into one of the most prosperous nations over a relatively short period of just four decades.

    Workshop Hosts

    Ryan Babbage

    Chief Executive Officer
    Melbourne & Singapore

    Ryan is a renowned leader in Global Strategy and Market Positioning. He is one of the m…

    Lachlan Mee

    Director of Blockchain Innovations

    Lachlan is a qualified blockchain strategist with a unique ability to assess and extrap…

    Dr Jeff Chamberlain

    CTI - Chief Transformation Officer

    Drawing on two decades of experience in academe, delivering MBA education at Deakin Uni…

    Scheduled: 12th - 18th June, 2023

    Due to the nature and time dedicated to each founder or business leader, our professionals have sought to keep the engagement for a select few—a maximum of 30 business participants.

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