Strategy Hubb and You 2019

Scale into Asia with Strategy Hubb

It has been a hectic time for Strategy Hubb in Melbourne as we started from ground roots to build a local presence to support the market with its endeavours of scaling into Asian environments. To date, we have met and connected with the right government channels as well as private partners to solidify our offer to scale-ups and startups. There has been considerable interest shown in our business model, and we have managed to attract the attention of some notable local businesses who are planning their scaling initiatives into Asia. In the grand scheme of things, we have already made a dent as it were in our market which is fantastic for our local team. In 2019 we will be all ablaze with our connectivity of local businesses into Asia as well as the reverse model happening with our Asian clients setting up shop in Australia. We have so much to offer on both fronts.

In hindsight, it has been a year of listening to my intuition on many things as well as seeking out help in the areas that I knew we had gaps to fill. Never be afraid to ask for help. Deloitte assisted with our local four-pillar financial structure and continue to be a valuable resource of knowledge and advice.

The Strategy Hubb footprint in Asia has placed us on the map in South Korea and Singapore with personal invites from government officials to connect with their trade initiatives and gateway programs. The year has flown by, and thankfully we are on course to deliver on numerous fronts.

Throughout the year a pattern was emerging that I was aware of but not the full extent until the reality of its true impact became apparent. So many businesses continually sought out the lifeblood of business which is (Capital). A wave of entrepreneurs approached us for advice and assistance on how to get on the right road toward Venture Capital. As the financial markets tighten, it becomes more challenging to obtain cash-flow which is the choke out experienced by hundreds if not thousands of startups. When faced with cash flow constraints many small businesses fade into the darkness never to be seen again.

Given the nature of business in all its forms, there are different strategies adopted to obtain the right fit capital for a scale-up or startup, and we can help in the first instance by getting your pitch to VCs perfect. You might have an exceptional business but fail in the communication component of how to pitch for the capital you require. There is a strategy for everything, and we are here to help you reach your desired outcomes quicker.

As every business takes on its market or markets, there is some significant and some minor pivoting that takes place when you find that the market is responding a little differently than expected. If you want to impact the outcomes of your business for 2019, then get in touch before the year runs out.

Ryan Babbage
CEO, Strategy Hubb

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