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A better faster business in 2018

In many ways, the current state of science and technology feels similar to the past, yet vastly different at the same time. The principals of genetics or artificial intelligence are still very rudimentary. Today's information processing techniques and systems that quantify "big data" and machine learning are breaking new ground constantly. From a business perspective, technology is only relevant when we make good use of it. As we better understand and program self-learning into our AI algorithms, we can better make practical use of this technology. 2018 will be the year were making sense of technology is at the top of the list. Some great inventions only because useful at later stages in life. Inventors design and develop to make the world a better place or a more convenient one. Our technology will help you decipher whether or not your inventions are for this current market or for a future time that has not yet arrived.

Knowing the future and preparing ahead of time is what makes good businesses great and what morphs brands into icons.

It’s almost nine years since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto — inventor of bitcoin — penned the whitepaper that spawned the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution we are now in. Bitcoin has become an icon in an extremely short space of time, due to the monetary gains it is delivering to its avid followers. If you would like to know how to become an icon in your field, all you need to do is make contact with Strategy Hubb.

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