Distil and extract only the best ideas.

As you explore and develop your ideas, look at what else is in the market and how it could compete with your products or services. Then determine how to progress from there. In a space where competition is tremendous, it does not make sense to enter the market unless you have something that will help you quickly gain market share and retain it. We provide assistance on the vetting of ideas to make sure that you have the best possible outcomes. A product or service that fits in one environment may not fit in another, so to determine its viability in external markets, you will need proven assistance and Strategy Hubb can guide you every step of the way.
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Make sure there is a market before going ahead.

We provide a thorough viability framework test for all your ideas to make absolutely sure that you are not spending unnecessary dollars in any environment. The purchased data that we accumulate regularly, provides us with a clear window of understanding into any market of interest. We then measure the data against your ideas to determine the potential viability of your products or services, in any selected environments. Once this testing is complete, you will have the confidence to progress further into your selected markets.


Pave the road before you drive on it.

No great battle or business ever succeeded without having a very carefully crafted strategy in play, ahead of time. Strategy and planning are the most important parts of your business and the people who help you to execute on these plans are even more valuable, as they become the trust that binds the intent toward the outcome. Entrepreneurs, Investors, committed customers and consumers all want to be part of something that is valuable and has more to offer than just capital return. The only way to accomplish all of the above is through strategic planning and Strategy Hubb is well known in this arena.
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Dig the well before you get thirsty.

Start-up enterprises look to raise capital at the very beginning of their ventures because, without funds, they cannot reach even the basic stage of prototyping. Many established businesses run out of capital due to a number of factors: they fail to predict the true costs involved, they expand too rapidly, they burn through the cash float too quickly or they didn't have enough to begin with. Capital is the life blood of business and is an exponentially important component to making sure that your business is moving in the right direction. Strategy Hubb has a network of offshore investors who are looking to fund the best innovations and technologies born on Australian soil. We are the gateway to these funds as the investors want assurance that what they are investing in is a viable, sustainable proposition.


Success through methodological preparation.

When you partner with Strategy Hubb, you gain access to a network of incubator hubs throughout Asia Pacific. These hubs are refinement platforms to perfect your business before it actually goes mainstream or public. The mentors involved have specific industry knowledge as well as local knowledge which will become crucial when building the foundations of your business on foreign soil. These incubator hubs generally require a small percentage of your business in exchange for the expertise that they provide or they accept yearly payments depending on the incubation period necessary for the business venture. When the incubation period is over, your business will gain leverage into the local market.


Keep both eyes on the prize.

After incubation, when you enter the mainstream market, there will be a rapid testing phase that will take place every six months, for two years, to monitor the growth of the business and measure the uptake and performance within that given market. We help maintain and grow your market share through analytics, as well as help you identify hidden dangers that you may not have foreseen. Entering new markets and succeeding in them has never been this smooth.