The Cloud

Everything available from anywhere, 24/7.

The global Cloud Computing industry has been gaining much momentum in the past decade, due to the various benefits that it brings. In our everyday lives we inevitably utilise cloud services, whether knowingly or unknowingly, as many of our service providers build their solutions over "the cloud". As technology and infrastructures mature, increasing amounts of benefits result in using Cloud Computing implementations:
  • Cost Effectiveness - as the cloud is normally virtualised hardware, it is often cheaper, offloading the hardware maintenance to the specialists.
  • Scalability and Speed - easily the best benefit of all, as resources can be provisioned within minutes, globally.
  • Reliability - due to the nature of the cloud infrastructure, it is less prone to down-time, easier at disaster recovery and more economical to exercise in the long run.

Cloudy Terms

Where things are going

As we venture into cloud maturity, the number of cloud infrastructures, both public and private, increases exponentially. We are now seeing more Hybrid Cloud solutions than ever, pairing the use of public and private cloud implementations.

Enterprises and companies also want to reduce dependencies on one single cloud provider which has seen the term "Multicloud" being born, meaning the use of several public clouds in a coherent manner.

We will see Multiclouds, Hybrid Clouds and even Multi-Hybrid Clouds emerge more often as users, enterprises and corporations seek for the perfect computing and storage solutions for their respective service offerings.