Internet of Things

It's all around us.

The Internet of Things, better abbreviated as IoT, is gaining immense momentum of late. As the world makes technological advances, we find ourselves surrounded by internet-enabled devices and gadgets which we classify as IoT. These hardware devices, varying in size, make the world a better place by revolutionising how we interact, collect data and stay informed.

Recent advances in wireless technology and batteries make it the perfect timing for IoT devices to transform industries and businesses. The unrivalled convenience, coupled with affordability, puts many IoT devices in reach of most commercial and home users.

But it's not all Blossom

Security is still a big question mark for IoT devices.

Most of the IoT devices still have concerns over the security aspects of having everything connected and accessible, remotely. What was previously close to impossible to achieve for hackers all of a sudden becomes within reach and a real possibility. Because of manufacturer's budgetary constraints and endeavours to bring these device costs down, security is not always the core focus as functionality often takes priority for consumers. Below are a few challenges we face going forward with IoT devices: unfortunately, with these security concerns, it will likely get worse before it gets better.

  • The Lazy Consumer - unfortunately this is human nature and getting more secure devices or applying updates require effort.
  • Corporate Privacy Issues - how much data is collected and what is it being used for?
  • Software / Hardware Updates - aside from the lazy consumer, companies may also be lazy in providing updates to their outdated devices.
  • Volume and Quantity - it's a probability game; the more devices exist, the more chances one or more will be insecure or have vulnerabilities.