Industrial Revolution

What are we revolutionising exactly?

Abundance is said to be the ultimate goal of technology and economics yet the argument against it is quite compelling. The modern age of Artificial intelligence, Platforms and Algorithms is going to kick-start the next industrial revolution. As computers and robots replace millions of jobs the world over, we will face a new tomorrow that many will struggle to acclimatise to.

The jobs that will be available will either be to program the robots that are boosting manufacturing lines or the repair, maintenance and manufacture of these technologies. The grey area in-between will be the human aspects that machines will never quite perfect. Our individuality, our adaptation to change, our approach to life and our very existence are all part of a greater cause that many have contemplated over the ages.
  • The first wave of change will compliment human labour.
  • The second wave will prove human labour to be redundant.
  • The third wave will evolve humans into hybrid machines.

Tech Terms

Where technology is heading

It has been said that in the next few years, self-driving cars, health-care robots, machine learning, and other technologies will complement many workers in the office and in the factories. The first wave of technologies will compliment humans as machines and people work side by side. The next wave of technology wil,l however, prove that their human counterparts are not as efficient, effective and productive as machines. The paradox is that, machine learning that was created by humans, will in effect deem humans to be as redundant as black and white televisions, in our current day and age.