Emerging Economies

The Confusing Complexity of Economics.

The sheer population size in India is working in its favour as it is seen in the world's eye to be an emerging economy. India uses its volumes of people to test newly created products and services, yet it is its vast movement towards technology that is helping it to become a noted, emerging economy. It is a diverse country that’s always been open to the rest of the world and its emerging marketplace shows the power of a diverse, open economy.

The world’s emerging markets are typically divided into two groups: the four largest (Brazil, Russia, India, and China, known collectively as BRIC) and everywhere else.
  • India is serving the bottom of the economic pyramid to emerge at the pinnacle.
  • India is a diverse country that has always been open to the rest of the world.
  • India is leveraging its economies of scale to become a stronger trade contender on the world stage.

Economic Scales

Where things are going

Even though India has a small economic base, due to its economy of scale it can have a huge impact. Even small improvements in income, when multiplied across more than a billion people, add up to considerable amounts of money. When looking to do business in India, you have to think of small dollar values with high usage and distribution in order to take your brand from a million-dollar business to a billion-dollar business.

The country’s culture encourages enterprise. Much of India’s population is poor, but Indian companies have been developing products and services that appeal to the masses in order to enhance the quality of life. There are still many issues to be solved, but India remains an emerging economy to watch.