What we do everyday; reinvented.

Blockchain is what everyone has been talking about and, much like the breakthrough in the Internet in the 90's, blockchain has every potential to change the financial world which in turn will ripple into many other areas of the global economy. But perhaps what is more important than understanding the actual blockchain technology is to know its applicability. Some of the most well-known applications that utilise blockchain technology are listed below:

  • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
  • Election Voting Poles
  • Stock Market Infrastructure
  • Digital Identity Software
  • Distributed Cloud Storage

Trending in the Market

How is blockchain trending and what do we expect to see?

The wide applicability of the blockchain technology makes it useful in many areas and is not limited to only the well-known cryptocurrency space. Because of the unique advantage of how blockchain upkeeps data integrity, we will see many security-conscious industries taking on and applying blockchain in the near future, if they are not in the process of doing so already.

We will also likely see a mainstream crossover and implementation of blockchain into both Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Due to the distributed nature of both IoT and AI, blockchain, being the underlying technology, can assist with more secure and efficient levels of security and complexity. This was difficult to accomplish prior to launch of blockchain technology.