Big Data

What can we do with all this data?

Due to the sheer amount of devices, sensors and IoT in operation at any given moment, we are now left with voluminous and complex data sets to deal with which grows exponentially in size over time. With all the data sets in-hand, we now require in-depth analysis and extraction of valuable / predictive statistics to put the data to use. Without utilising these data sets, the data becomes somewhat useless and just takes up valuable and costly storage space. The typical characteristics that define Big Data are quantified into the infamous 6V's:

  • Volume - the enormous amount of data.
  • Variety - data collected from different sources.
  • Velocity - the pace of data flows from its sources such as businesses, devices and interactions.
  • Veracity - the relevancy and biases of the collected data sets - how "clean" the data is.
  • Validity - how correct the data is for what it is going to be used for.
  • Volatility - the data must remain relevant in relation to the time it was collected.

Where Big Data will Shine

Together with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

In parallel with advancements made in both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, data sets to be collected and utilised will increase at a pace we have never experienced before in the history of technology.

Big corporations will be looking to invest in analysing and making use of Big Data by producing break-through technology in real-time Artificial Intelligence. This will in turn lead to an increase in the amount of relevant high-value data sets collected to power the AI in achieving their end goals.

Corporations and enterprises will be looking at furthering in their Business Intelligence domain, using the newest technology and Big Data to achieve this and keep abreast of their local and global competitors.