Artificial Intelligence

Thinking of the Future, Now.

Artificial Intelligence has been on our minds for a while. It is tongue in cheek when we talk about technology and innovations, yet, in our minds, it somewhat portrays a black box where its contents are not easily quantifiable. Why is this?

Let us step back and think about what we are attempting to achieve, conceptually. Artificial Intelligence exists at many levels. Some are already in operation whilst other concepts feel like they would be a while away before mainstream adoption is possible. Many say that the end goal of Artificial Intelligence is to equal or better human intelligence. However is this really the right comparison to make?

The Dangerous Target

Where we need to tread carefully.

The truth is, human beings have many imperfections. These imperfections are what makes us human and unique in our own way. However, to compare and set the bar of Artificial Intelligence at human intelligence seems somewhat irrational, as there is big potential for AI to further human intelligence.

Building a rational agent should be what we are aiming for in the near future; something that is intelligent and also rationalises better than us. However, by attempting to create something more intelligent than its creators, we should proceed with extreme caution as this will inevitably raise many dilemmas and ethical problems.